The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Verkoop Media aims to set the pace for our industry on data protection.
The leadership and presence of a Data Protection Officer supported by our Legal and Technology team, are key steps for providing governance in data protection across our global network and setting high industry standards.

These teams also work to ensure that our global data protection framework meets all obligations under local regulations and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

At Verkoop Media, we see GDPR as an opportunity for brands to build better consumer relationships built on trust and confidence. Through these new requirements, like privacy by design and data portability, we expect our client relationships to be stronger than ever.

To ensure that Verkoop Media is GPDR compliant and meets the expectations of our clients, we have the following measures in place:

  • Dedicated group of professionals, including our Global Data Protection Officer, data specialists, information security personnel, and technology teams, who work to ensure privacy and data compliance across our global business
  • Targeted data protection training for our employees which includes eLearning modules, online resources, and face-to-face training for higher risk groups
  • An internal data governance framework to review how our opt-in data is being used and protected while in our custody and documentation of all data handling processes and incidents
  • Data security policies and controls in place globally, which are continually tested and evolved to keep pace with new regulations and governance requirements
  • Verkoop Media is certified under:
    • US PrivacyShield Certification (EU, Swiss)
    • BBB Third-Party Dispute Resolution
    • Privacy policy explains use of data and consumer rights (approved by the US Government‟s Department of Commerce/International Trade Association). Find out more here.

Will the GDPR stop Verkoop Media from using personal data?
The GDPR does not stop or hinder the use of personal data for lead generation as we continue to put greater focus on business accountability and transparency for our subscribers around how and why their personal data is being used. Verkoop Media uses opt-in and opt-out options in its promotions as part of our protection of personal data and privacy rights.

How does Verkoop Media manage data?
At Verkoop Media we recognize that the security environment is constantly evolving. Verkoop Media complies with CAN-SPAM, CASL, GDPR, and other data protection regulations. Our security group is also in the process of implementing the ISO27001 certified information security management system. In the event of a data security incident, an incident response and communication plan and processes are in place to isolate and manage incidents to conclusion.

What is the new standard for consent?
Under GDPR, there will be a stronger focus on obtaining consumer consent in a transparent and unambiguous manner e.g. not „hidden‟ in terms and conditions or assumed through pre-clicked boxes. This may require a change in practice for some businesses that currently rely on “deemed” or assumed consent. Verkoop Media works closely with clients and suppliers to ensure appropriate and necessary protections for consumers within the overall GDPR compliance framework.