Intune by Microsoft

Increase Security

MDM guarantees that your firm maintains control over sensitive data while protecting your business data. The data on a mobile device can be remotely locked and erased if it is lost or stolen. The ability to remotely lock and wipe devices allows businesses to protect their data and equipment.

Your company obtains centralised management over policies, applications, and other features with MDM. MDM has the ability to ban harmful websites and content for workers. By doing this, business data and apps are protected against viruses and data breaches.

lower costs

lower costs

MDM makes it possible for your company to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the office and reduce the expense of staff devices. Removing this significant expense from your environment lowers operational costs and frees up money for your company’s The programmer enables your IT team to give upgrades main operations. The harmful effects of visiting risky websites and downloading malicious software are reduced and contained by wiping and containerization tools. These security measures protect your business from the high costs, hassles, and significant reputational damage caused by malware and data breaches. Monitor employee mobile usage. Administrators are alerted by tracking software, which has the programmer may install, update.
Efficiency Gain

Efficiency Gain

MDM software minimises the time and resources needed for IT management because it is centrally managed. From a single administration interface, the programme may install, update, and uninstall applications, rules, and settings. This makes it simple to maintain security settings with current personnel, assure uniform mobile experiences for new hires, and restrict access to devices that are no longer in use. MDM offers asset management tracking, enabling your company to quickly determine which employee is using which mobile device. The programme enables your IT team to give upgrades and new mobile devices to your workers as needed. The amount of time and resources needed by IT departments to manage mobile devices monitoring features. Self-service portal for Intune
Microsoft Intune is Our Solution.

The Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite, which offers cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), includes Microsoft Intune. Microsoft Intune assists companies in limiting access to corporate data, enhancing IT security, and managing all of the devices connecting to their network.

Features of Microsoft Intune.

IT managers can manage access to corporate data while the programme safeguards company-managed devices. The intune self service site offers a variety of remote operations, including device lock, data encryption, passcode reset, and a complete wipe for stolen or lost devices. Employee-owned devices are likewise safeguarded, and work and personal data are separated, using the Intune self-service site. Employees have the choice to register their own devices and download software that have been authorised by the company via a self-service portal. With the ability to manage mobile devices, PCs, applications, and 3rd party devices from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and other companies, Intune provides protection for these devices. Through a single admin site that enables rule configuration and device management, Intune also makes it simple to configure and enforce policies.